Sunday, June 04, 2006

First Week Of June - 1988

One of my favorite memories is the first week of June 1988. My mom and dad came from Texas to spend that week with us. My dad and I worked sun-up to sun-down (literally) (5) straight days to build this deck attached to our house that we lived in at that time.

My neighbor behind me was an architect, and he "drew-up some plans" for me, and believe me, this deck could hold (50) people dancing (we never tried that, but I am certain it would have!)....

I hate it that we only got a couple of years to enjoy this work of art, then Matt came along, and we ran out of rooms in the house and moved to Franklin.

I hope the folks living on Vailwood in Green Hills enjoy this deck as much as we did.....

The photo is my mom and dad, me, Karla, and Seth, "enjoying a job well done"!!