Friday, April 06, 2012

Bridge Building

I have lost count of how many of these I have built. Actually, it’s probably only 3, but it could be as many as 5.

If you know our neighborhood, one of the things we love about it is the common ground behind our cul-de-sac that connects the backyards of homes on other streets.

Between those yards and common ground area are varying degrees of ditches where water flows (sometimes like a raging river) ultimately into the Harpeth River.

After 22 years of water flowing, you can imagine that some of these ‘ditches’ become pretty deep. So at some point several years ago, after watching many a kid using my backyard as a short-cut to get home in time for dinner, I decided to build a bridge to allow easier access for said kids. After all, I don’t want to be responsible for a kid being late for dinner because he drove his bike into MY ditch!

So, my simple combination of pieces of lumber to form an 8x8 bridge became just that - a structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier.
By now, you may be asking why have I built so many of these in my backyard? Well, I never dreamed that water would flow so furiously that it would carry my bridge away, but it has - frequently.

Karla loves this bridge, and we have been without one for several months now, so this week I decided we needed the latest version.

I chose this week for another reason.

Today is Good Friday, and (3) years ago on Good Friday, we had my Dad’s Memorial Service.

One of the amazing things I shared with my Dad over the last 20 years of his life was the opportunity and privilege of building something together. He taught me many things about building stuff. I am not the craftsman of many of my friends, but I have many wonderful reminders of my Dad’s handiwork in and around my home.

So, as corny as it may be - I proudly dedicate this latest version of the Worley Bridge to my Dad - in memory and honor of you, W.J.

Thanks, and I miss you - you were a true bridge builder in the way you lived your life.