Friday, January 08, 2010

Music Can Become Boring - Jesus Can't

Since Thanksgiving, every time I sat down to write something in this space, I could not think of anything to write. That's just really sad. Not because I have anything important to say or that people are dying to read my blog (wow - narcissism abounds!), but because there is a ton of stuff going on in my life and ministry right now, and I should be writing about it. For whatever reasons, I can't seem to organize the words in sentences in a way that I believe might be the least bit interesting or helpful to another human being.

December was a very busy month (terrible understatement) of Christmas worship services, our Christmas Concert, and then our Christmas Eve Services. I was able to take two consecutive Sundays off (don't get to do that very often!), and now am back at it in a new year.

After 17 years of worship services and ministry in the local church, I can honestly say that 2010 will be my most challenging. Isn't it interesting that I can already see that, and we are only 8 days into it? There are many reasons, and I will try to be more intentional about sharing the reasons why as the year unfolds.

For now, we have new services and a new campus launching in the next 45 days, and so very much to do in preparation for them!

Some wonderful perspective came upon me today from one of my favorite people - Bob Kauflin. His most recent blog post (Reflections On Turning 55) is powerful. I encourage you to read it HERE

Happy New Year!