Friday, June 12, 2009

Painful Life Lessons

Yesterday (less than 24 hours after appearing in Juvenile Traffic Court for two moving violations within 24 hours of each other) Ben lost control of our red Jeep and rammed a telephone pole 5 minutes from our home.

Bless this boy's heart.....not a good 11 weeks with the freedom and responsibility a driver's license brings a 16-year old.

I am grateful he was unhurt and if I have to wake up to a phone call early in the morning, I would rather it be from one of my sons telling me they were in a wreck than an officer of the law explaining to me my son was in a wreck.

Later in the day yesterday, I received yet another apologetic text from him. My response was simple and to the point. Life's lessons are often very, very painful. and yes, cars can be repaired or replaced - he can't!

So, I will take him to his 8-hour Defensive Driving Class tomorrow, and then he won't be driving for awhile. Time away from being behind the steering wheel of a moving vehicle will do him so good right now.......