Friday, September 19, 2008

Letter To The Next President

This summer while on my sabbatical, I attended one of my favorite churches - North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA. Through the years, getting to know North Point's pastor, Andy Stanley has been enriching to my life to say the least.

On this particular Sunday, Andy was in the middle of a very interesting series entitled, "Letters To The Next President". Now before you think he was walking that ever so volatile line between politics and religion, fear not. He knows better.

His 3-part series was a look at leaders in the Bible, and how the way they led impacted those who followed. He then asked the great question - if you could write a letter to the President, and you know He would read it, what would you say to him?

I highly encourage you to click HERE, then find Andy's letters - He wrote (3).

My favorite is the one with the darker brown envelope - entitled:
From: Andy
To: The Next President
Subject: Beyond Approval Ratings

I am still working on mine.