Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Miss My Sabbatical

Yes, I admit it openly - I really do miss my sabbatical. Who wouldn't?

Here is what I wrote in my journal this morning:

Lord, it's hard coming back from sabbatical.

the pace
the volume of work
the tension of balancing what's important with what's not
the fear and anxiety of not being able to keep up
the frustration that seeps into my personality as a result of all of the above

it's so much easier to be quiet and still when I am not working
i'm a much nicer person to be around when all of the above is not consuming me
I am convinced as I was writing this, God led me back to a chapter from one of the books I read when I was "not working" to remind me of the following:

"without a rich theology of labor, we'll have an impoverished theology of rest"
"before we understand God's rest, we must understand the Lord's work"
(The Rest Of God - Restoring Your Soul By Restoring Sabbath - by Mark Buchanan)

God reminded me this morning of my calling, and while much has changed in "how" I do what I do each day, the "why" I do it has not.

There is alot more to this than what I have written this morning......

I must keep pondering this, but for now - well, I have to get to work!