Monday, May 26, 2008

They Really Do Grow Up Too Fast

Our 18-year old has grown up and graduated high school.

This weekend at two different functions, we enjoyed a DVD slide show and oh my what memories to see this kid come into our world, grow up in this house and neighborhood and now he moves on to college.

I know you get sick of hearing it, but they really, really do grow up too fast, and I know you get sick of hearing "cherish every moment", but cherish every moment....

even the ones you want to forget because they were tough at the time....

My friend prayed this prayer at his son's graduation party some 18 years ago, and I have never forgotten what he said......"Lord, thank you for giving us this young man. We know he is on loan from you, so for as long as you will allow, may we be gracious and loving parents and worthy stewards with this gift."

Matt Worley - congratulations - you have brought years of joy to many, many people, and I thank God that He has loaned you to us - what an amazing gift you are!