Monday, March 31, 2008

Steely Dan - 31 years later

My married friends with (3) grown sons tell me all the time how uniquely different each of their sons were growing up and how they continue to be different.

I am finding that true as my boys grow older. It is fascinating to watch as their interests expand and take shape.

Ben seems to be the more musically interesting of the (3). That's not to say that Seth does not have musical talent - he does having taught himself the guitar and mandolin. Matt has the best singing voice of the (3) even though he wouldn't be caught dead singing solo in public.

Then, there is Ben who blew me away recently when he told me that I told him once that if he were going to be serious about his musical talents, then he would need to make sure he develops an appreciation for all styles and genres of music.

I don't ever remember telling him that, but if he says I did, then I must admit every now and then, wisdom somehow escapes out of my mouth.

Ben is definitely appreciating music...not to mention becoming one heck of a bass player and soon to be the section leader of the "tenors" (or "quads" as they are sometimes called) in the percussion section of his marching band at school.

Yesterday, Ben gets in the truck with me and immediately asks if I have my iPod in the truck. I have not seen my iPod since Matt borrowed it months ago. He then asks if I have any CD's in my truck - as he put it, "I have to listen to music when I am in the car."

So, I happen to have Michael McDonald's Motown CD, a CD of Sting, and one of my all-time favorites - "Aja" by Steely Dan. I asked if he had ever heard of Steely Dan - what was I thinking - Ben is 15. "Aja" was released in 1977.

We had a blast listening to all the songs - appreciating the sparseness of the production - able to hear every instrument cleanly - marveling at the bass lines, the classic Fender Rhodes sounds, and just great music.

I was thrilled that my 15-year old could appreciate something as classic as Steely Dan....