Wednesday, January 23, 2008

God Bless Pam Moses

Somethings really never change.

Yesterday, I was making my way down the hall at church when I happened on that wonderful sight of one of our Brentwood Young Children's School classes walking in single file back to their classroom. The only thing missing was the "rope" - you know, the thing that all the kids hold on to to keep everyone together walking in single file following their teacher.

This particular class' teacher was none other than Pam Moses. As I walked past her, I told her that her group reminded me of when she taught my son, Matt. He was 5 when he was in her class.

She then asked me how old Matt was. When I told her that he is a senior in high school, she responded with "that makes me feel about 100!!!".

I told her if she feels that old, how do you think I feel?

So tonight, I bless God for Pam Moses - 13+ years of helping to shape the lives of boys and girls as they become men and women!